A Pictorial Guide to the

Coffee Roasting Process

by Sweet Maria’s

  1. •     •     •     •     •   The Human-Coffee Cycle   •     •     •     •     •

A Blog of Coffee

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Coffee by Country

An ever-expanding database of each and every coffee-involved country – who they are and what they do – Hawaii to Ethiopia. Actually, this is an alphabetical list of all countries of the world (with details on coffee, of course).  International coffee organizations, advocacy groups, trade councils and farmers’ alliances are all included.  National, state and region specific organizations are also included, as well as organic and sustainable assocations.  Simply click on a country (or use the Coffee Search Engine).


Science, Myth & History

So what’s trimethylxanthine?  Here are your answers to coffee biology, coffee history and all things scientific, legendary and chemical. Did we leave anything out?

The Earth’s Coffee Search Engine